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Published: 02nd October 2008
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In order to understand precalculus, it is important to know the formulas and concepts from previous math courses such as algebra, geometry and trigonometry. There are free homework sources online that can help with math including precalculus. High school students frequently take higher math courses without a full grasp of concepts from prior courses. As a result, they often get stuck in the present math course. In many cases what is needed is a review of earlier math. Finding a web site online that provides free information in the form of examples and practice problems as well as explanations can be helpful.

Precalculus often begins with the idea of the function. The function is a special type of mathematical relationship between two sets of numbers. It can exist in many forms. A simple example would be a table with two columns and any number of rows. By looking up one number in a column, it's corresponding value can be found. The graph is a visual example of a function. The x-axis represents one set of numbers while the y-axis represents the set of numbers that correspond to the first set. The line value can be found by drawing a vertical line through the x value and where the vertical line intersects the function a horizontal line drawn. The place where the horizontal line intersects the y-axis is the y value that matches the x value.

Most functions are represented algebraically, however. An algebra equation that has two variables, one that is independent and the other which is the dependent variable, can be a function. The dependent variable only changes when the independent variables changes. One of the ways to test a function on a graph is with the vertical line test. If the line intersects in more than one place, the graph is not a function.

Some of the types of functions that are dealt with in precalculus are the exponential and logarithmic functions.

Some types of functions such as the linear, polynomial, power and radical are addressed in algebra. The exponential function is different from the power function in that its exponent is a variable. They also grow faster than power functions. The exponential is an important function to learn, especially if calculus is going to be the next course. The exponential function has an inverse function called the logarithm. It can undo an exponential by causing the exponent to be multiplied by the logarithm. It can also reduce a multiplication problem into one of addition.

In addition to the types of functions, the properties of functions are also dealt with such as whether it is odd or even. Horizontal and vertical translation along with stretching and compression are some of the additional properties.

Although there are many concepts and ideas to learn in precalculus, if the previous math has been learned and mastered then precalculus can be also. When problems arise, however, free math help can be found online. There are plenty of free resources to help not only with precalculus but with other math homework problems as well.

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